On day two, put your ideas and inspiration into practice during our half-day FARMAX training workshops


Monitoring Certificate

Aimed at new users, you'll learn how to successfully complete monthly updates to a FARMAX file, and interpret current and forecasted data. Users will enter production and supply data, update forecast events with actuals and interpret data based on the updated forecast.

There will be separate dairy and red meat workshops, focusing on input data:

  • Pasture covers
  • Crops
  • Nitrogen
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Mating
  • Liveweights
  • Stock rec. updates
  • Milk production

Get accredited

Bronze Accreditation

Are you a consultant who has been meaning to start your accreditation journey? This is the perfect time! Bronze Accreditation is the first step in our accreditation programme. Participants will independently create a high-quality biological pastoral farm systems model using FARMAX, and at the completion of this module, participants can move onto the Silver Accreditation.

Accreditation levels now have a small charge to cover administration costs, so the conference is the last chance to complete an accreditation for free as it is included in your ticket price!

There will be separate dairy and red meat workshops, focusing on:

  • Setting up a new farm
  • Adding blocks and mobs
  • Calibrating weights (or milk production)
  • Calibrating pasture covers
  • Balancing long-term files

Analyse GHGs in FARMAX

Advanced Analysis

Are you a proficient user of FARMAX wanting to deepen your greenhouse gas (GHG) knowledge? Come along to work through Phil Journeaux's He Waka Eke Noa approved exercises to deeply understand how to model GHG impacts in FARMAX.

There will be one workshop combining dairy and red meat users, focusing on:

  • Long-term environmental mitigation scenarios, e.g. less stock, less supplementary feed, planting trees, less nitrogen, improvements to per animal performance
  • Analysing the profitability, feed budget feasibility and environmental outputs for each scenario

Join us at the 2022 Farmax Conference